You will not receive a CDKEY but an access to a Xbox One account.

You will receive an account where you have to connect to download the game.
There is the process to follow to play:
– After to pay your order, you will receive by mail and in your customer area (My Games page) the ID of a Xbox One account.


After the purchase you get a login and password profile, as well as additional mail for this account in the event that if you need to restore. After downloading (installation) of the game, it is a gun tied toyour console, so after downloading the game, you can safely remove the profile from the console and play with her.

1) Run the console.
2) After you download the console, select the Login
3) Select Add new profile
4) Enter the username email
5) If you do not make a mistake in the login, you will be asked to enter a password on your account Otherwise, return to Step 4.
6) Enter your password
7) If you see the words Privacy Control click Next
8) In the pop-up window Settings entry and security, select the item Unlimited
9) Click Next
10) In the Color Picker click Next
11) Push the button on the joystick XBOX and go to the main page

Switch account on main (Very important):
Scroll to the left to open the guide.
Select Settings.
Select All Settings.
Select Customization.
Select My main Xbox.

12) On the main page, go to the point of My Games and Applications
13) flipping to the right until the end and in the Ready to install choose our game and click the Install
14) After installation, delete the profile and play with it.


– Please note that if the password is changed, the guaranteed and the support cannot be done.
– Note that you do not play the game directly from the account received, the account received is only to download the game.
– Save the account ID if you want download again the game later.
– You do not have to share the account with a friend. It’s at your own risks.
– Respect that’s: One account = One player.