You will not receive a CD key, but a Playstation account.

You must log into that account to download the game you bought.
This is the process you have to follow once you’ve bought your account:
– Go to your customer area on the store. You will find your Playstation account credentials in the “My games section”. You must log into that account to download the game.

You must follow this TuT within 24 hours of purchase to gurantee the account game works on your PS4
Go to the web site
Enter the details of the purchased account login: pass (e-mail: password)
Select on menu: “Account”.
Select the item “Media and device”
On the main part of the page click on “Game” and then the box to “Deactivate all».
Set up an account on the PS4 console:
A warning! All further actions strictly with your console.

In [Users] Create a new user and sign in as a new user.
In [PlayStation®Network] select [Register].
In the menu that appears, select [Use an existing account].
Then enter your login (example: / 111psn) that you have purchased, and move on to the system by activating the account as the primary.
Then, [Sign In], and you can log in to PlayStation®Network using your own account.
Enter the Playstation Store, and select [View uploaded files], to open the list of content located on your account, download everything, what you are interested in the background (no need to wait for a full load).
WARNING ! You must never play to the profile created. Use only your own account !
This game can be played from the following country: France, Deutschland, Nederland, Norway, Sverige, United Kingdom, Ireland, België, Italia, Chile, Russia, Sweden, España, Greece, Poland, Suisse, Norge, Belgique, Österreich, Portugal, Polska , Schweiz, Danmark, Croatia, Hungary, Finland, Slovenia, Czech Republic, Denmark, Slovakia, Bulgaria, Suomi, Iceland, Svizzera, Romania, Luxemburg, Turkey, Israel


– If you delete the profil, which activated the game, the game will no longer work ! Claims in this case will not be considered. Read carefully the instructions on installation.
– Please don’t modify the password of the PlayStation account bought.
– You should never play with the account bought and never remove it from your console.
– DLC FR are not compatible.
– You can’t share the account bought with friends. (The account would be bannished by PlayStation and no refund would be possible).
– Please respect that rule: One Account = One player.